NYT begrudgingly admits that progress is being made in Iraq

On the front page, no less. But just this past Saturday, they repeated their calls for Democrats to keep pushing for a cut and run strategy that would effectively cut off progress in Iraq at the knees. In light of their recent discovery that the situation on the ground in Iraq is improving, will we see a revised editorial in this weekend’s paper reflecting that? I won’t hold my breath.

At the same time, as Don Surber notes, the Washington Post writes about positive developments in Iraq and sticks the article on page A14. Of course, they’ve done this before.

In related news re: Iraq, Michelle Malkin has the latest news on the military’s case against disgraced AP photographer (and Pulitzer Prize winner) Bilal Hussein, whose photos of the “insurgency” raised a lot of questions about whether or not he himself was an “insurgent.” Captain Ed has more.

Hussein will be tried in the Iraqi court system. If Hussein’s defense is as lame as the one the AP has written for him (as noted here by John Hinderaker at Powerline), I’d say his days as a “stringer” for any news agency are over, and he’ll continue to see the inside of a jail cell for a long time.

Update: Amy Proctor has video on the completion of the renovation of the “Jewel of Baghdad” – Iraq”s central train station.

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