Saturday links

Wanted to post these before I headed out for the day:

—– Carrying on in the fine tradition of her predecessor Tony Snow, WH press secretary Dana Perino gave liberal opinion writer Helen Thomas a verbal smackdown that you won’t hear anything about in the MSM – outside of the WashingtonTimes Fishwrap blog, which has a recap and video of the exchange here. In the exchange, Thomas delivers the typical far left talking point about Americans supposedly ‘deliberately’ killing innocent Iraqis. Kathryn Jean Lopez says Perino deserves a raise.

—– The Washington Post this morning has an inside look at how national reporters are getting increasingly frustrated with trying to cover Hillary Clinton, because she-who-wants-to-be-president limits access to herself more than any other candidate out there, to the point where she rarely answers a question – even the simple ones – while on the campaign trail. It’s yet another revealing piece on how the ferocious Clinton media-control machine operates.

—– In related news, Ann Althouse dissects an AP puff-piece on how Hillary Clinton handled yesterday’s hostage drama. Read more via Jim Lynch.

—– CBS is seeking an “eco-beat” reporter to cover environmental issues – with no knowledge of the issue required. Funny thing, as that seems to be the ‘requirement’ for Nobel Peace prize winners, too.

—– Thousands of Sudanese protesters are demanding the execution of the ‘Mohammed teddy bear’ teacher. Ah, the ‘tolerance’ of the Religion of Peace is once again glaringly obvious for all to see.

—– Take from it what you will: Gallup released a poll yesterday showing that more Republicans are reporting “better mental health” than others …

—– “No liberal media bias”? That’s definitely not obvious in this video, in which CNBC news anchor Erin Burnett refers to the President as “the monkey”:


Warner Todd Huston at Newsbusters has the transcript.

—– John Hawkins: Rudy Giuliani Would Be Our Bill Clinton. Considering the emerging scandal involving Rudy and his days as mayor and the dispute over how he may have abused the perks of the job to, among other things, chauffer around his then-mistress-now-wife Judy Nathan, could J-Hawk be right?

—– Prepare for another showdown between the WH and Congressional Dems on funding for the war in Iraq. Sigh. These people never learn.

—– Say goodbye to Evel Knievel. He passed away yesterday, at the age of 69.

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