One top ten list for 2007 you don’t want to miss

I find most “year in review” lists pretty boring, but Johnny Dollar’s Keith Olbermann Top Ten Lies of 2007 list is a definite must-read. It’s both entertaining and illuminating. What more could you ask for? :)

Related to year-end stuff, Marc Moore at Poligazette agrees with Don Surber’s naming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as “Loser of the Year.” I think he makes a compelling case. After all, just what has she accomplished this year? Not even close to what she wanted to (thank goodness). Meanwhile, Blackfive blogs about a candidate for The Shameless Anti-War Moron of the Year award here (h/t: CraigC at Protein Wisdom), and McQ declares the surge in Iraq the “event of the year,” and judging by stats like these, I would have to agree with him.

Oh, and congrats to France, who saw a decrease in torched cars on New Year’s Eve this year: Last year, 397 were torched – this year it was a “relatively calm” 372.

Last but not least: Sweet!

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