Sunday playoff games open thread

Yesterday, we saw the Pack and the Patriots both advance to their respective division championship games.

Today, San Diego is playing at Indianapolis, whre the Colts currently have a 7-0 lead as of this writing, and later, we’ll see the Giants play at Dallas, which I know is a big game for several readers of this blog :)

Feel free to utilize this thread for game commentary and/or analysis, predictions, and your trash talkin’ about your favorite teams. ST reader NC Cop has already thrown down the gauntlet with this comment from another thread:

Playoff Sunday!!!!

Yesterday was half and half. I was glad to see the Pack win, I’m a Favre fan, but disappointed to see the Pats win! Somebody beat them please! I can’t stand to listen to all the networks,websites, newspapers, and magazines talk about them!

That being said, I think it’s safe to say that those guys are the best football team to ever play. I can’t stand them, but I can admit that they are absolutely the best.

Now, on to the Giants/Cowboys game. Many people are predicting an upset by the Giants…..which is why I’m worried. The Giants always play better when they feel like nobody believes they will win.

I heard a possibly related story that Jessica Simpson was kidnapped early this morning. She was last seen being stuffed into a NY Giants equipment bag and driven away by two men in Giants jerseys.

Coincidence? You be the judge. ;)

I’ll be back later, in time to comment on the Giants/Dallas game, for sure.

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