ST on BlogTalkRadio

In about 20 minutes, I’ll be on BlogTalkRadio with fellow blogger John Hawkins, as Conservatives With Attitude interviews us both about the state of the 2008 presidential race. You can tune in by visiting this link or clicking “play” below:

Sorry for the late notice! I only realized a few minutes ago that it would be live.

In case you can’t tune in, it’ll be archived so I should be able to provide a link to it.

Update 1: Here’s the link to the show – I’m about 30 minutes into it. (Thanks steve!). I’m a little rusty, as I haven’t done this in a while, so try not to be too critical :">

Update 2: Here’s a better link that you can use to fast forward to the 28 minute mark (should you not desire to listen to the first 30 minutes).

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