UN critic gets delisted by Google

Why? Warner Todd Huston has the details:

In another blow against freedom of speech on the Internet, Fox News is reporting that Google has taken the measure of de-listing the work of an anti-UN blogger named Matthew Lee. For several years, Lee has run the Inner City Press, a small news/opinion site that is focused on criticizing the United Nations. But since Google has teamed up with the UN on recent initiatives, Google has found that Lee’s criticism is too much for them to handle.

Mr. Lee has been taking after big targets for a long time, so he is no newcomer to the scene. In 1987 he went after Citigroup with his corruption exposes, but since 2005 the United Nations has been his favorite target. He has especially focused on the “inner workings of what could be called the practical-applications arm of the international organization, the United Nations Development Programme.”

In response to an inquiry by the Government Accountability Project, Google claims the delisting was a “glitch” and that it will take a couple of weeks to get Lee’s links back onto the search engine.

Uh huh.

Make sure to check out Huston’s post for other instances of Internet organizations that have tried to strike down conservative voices.

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