Is it just me, or is there anyone else who sees something wrong with a woman who sells herself for cash being in position to make hundreds of thousands – perhaps even millions – from selling her music as a result of this scandal, telling her story and/or posing for pictorial spreads in one of major “men’s magazines,” while the hypocritical prosecutor-turned governor who paid for her “services” is fighting to stay out of prison, his reputation ruined by his own machinations?

Isn’t this sad state of affairs (no pun intended)? I mean, I fully expect (and hope) that Spitzer will be punished to the fullest extent of the law, but what about her? She sold her body for money. Repeatedly. This is the classic definition for not just a mere “escort” but a bonafide (high-priced) prostitute and one who, sadly, is being glorified thanks to the sob stories we’re reading about her ‘troubled childhood’ in the press.

On a related note, People magazine has a picture of Madonna’s latest album cover (the album will be released in late April) where she looks like, well, a ho – one who will be using a Sharon Stone-in-Basic-Instinct-esque image to make more $$.

Can you tell I’m disgusted? Where’s my cabana boy to make me a drink when I need him? :-w

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