Goracle being threatened with a lawsuit by heretic who founded the Weather Channel

It’s blaspheme! Pure and simple!

I don’t think he’s [John Coleman’s] serious about wanting to actually sue The Goracle and other global warming alarmists in order to resolve the global warming debate – at least I hope he isn’t. It shouldn’t be up to the courts to decide the merits of either argument (contrary to the left’s beliefs on the issue). I think what Coleman, a noted critic of the alarmist’s arguments about our impending doom, is saying that it’s so hard to get a two-sided debate on the issue, that perhaps he would try the legal route, since other attempts haven’t been successful.

Considering Coleman’s longstanding skepticism about so-called ‘man-made global warming/cooling,’ I think it would be fair to say that the Weather Channel’s come a long way since their early days, haven’t they?

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