Friday links and open thread

It’s another busy day for me in the office, so here are a few links for your perusal until I can return later this evening to catch up:

—- Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton isn’t the only one embellishing (actually, it’s more like lying) about her trip to Bosnia as first lady. The Bubbinski has gotten in on the act as well, trying to ‘clarify’ things. Jake Tapper fact checks him here. Jim Geraghty has fun with both Bubba and the mediots here.

—- Headline from the Washington Post: “Big Donors Among Obama’s Grass Roots.” My response? Toldjah So.

—- Speaking of Obama, Gateway Pundit posts what he believes to be shocking audio of excerpts from Obama’s book Dreams From My Father. I listened to this last night and like Sean Hackbarth and Dan Collins, I didn’t find anything particularly shocking about it and some of the audio lacks context. As big a critic as ya’ll know I am of BO, I just don’t see the controversy here. The only thing the audio might indicate is an implication that Obama was in attendance at TUCC when his “former pastor” made some of the controversial remarks Obama claims he never heard. But then again, most of us already know he was anyway.

—- And for once, I agree with the junior Senator from Illinois regarding his remarks on parental responsiblity.

—- Jules Crittenden assures everyone: No, that wasn’t a naked woman seen in Dick Cheney’s sunglasses.

—- Michael Yon writes in the Wall Street Journal that we need to keep on surgin’ in Iraq. Bob Owens notes that Yon has a new book out, which you can purchase here.

—- Caught up in all this American Airlines mess? My sympathies are with you. Hang in there.

—- John Hawkins surveyed the conservative blogosphere on who their least and most desired picks were for McCain’s VP choice. The results can be read here.

Back later …

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