Rush mentioned this blog on air?!?

I received a friendly email from new ST reader and fellow North Carolinian Debra B. this evening telling me about her blog, and in the email she said that she heard Rush mention my site recently! What I want to know is, where was the huge traffic spike I hear usually follows a Rush mention? I have gotten a lot of extra Google hits this week, more so than normal, but not in mindblowing numbers. Maybe people were Googling to find the blog? Did anyone else hear it?

My very first political blog post was defending Rush during the Rush Limbaugh/ESPN/Donovan McNabb “controversy.” It would be cool as heck to have an audio clip of this of the mention. Hopefully it wasn’t Sister Souljah he was talking about …

BTW, make sure to check out Debra’s blog. I’m adding it to the blogroll, so in case you don’t get a chance tonight, check it out at your leisure. Lots of interesting links related to The Chosen One at the top of the page.

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