Sunday afternoon links (OPEN THREAD)

Some links for your perusal:

—– What she said: The Rev. Al Sharpton is threatening to “close down the city” of New York in outrage over last week’s acquittals of three NYPD officers in the shooting death of Sean Bell. The race-hustling Sharpton is doing what he does best, accusing the NYPD and the court system of racism – ignoring the fact that the officer who fired the first shot of the near 50 shots taken that day was black. Malkin goes on a verbal smackdown spree here, going off on everyone from Sharpton to everyone who has ever propped him up including, sadly, some Republicans – even President Bush. Scott Johnson has related thoughts.

—– Matt Dupee at The Long War Journal reports on the Taliban’s assasination attempt on Afghanistan’s president Hamid Karzai, which killed three – a parliamentarian, a Shiite cleric, and a child – and injured several others. Karzai escaped unharmed. Gateway Pundit has more.

—– In case you missed it: Omar at Iraq the Model penned a must-read last week on how a determined AQ in Iraq continues to lose.

—– What’s Kim Jong Il up to these days? No good, as usual – Austin Bay has the story.

—– Mick Stockinger alerts us to the fact that Al Franken’s got a tax problem Specifically, the far leftie doesn’t like paying everything he owes. Imagine that …

—– Don’t miss The People’s Cube’s tribute to all things Green ;)

—– Related to “eco-friendliness”: Another global warming hypocrite has stepped forward. Van Helsing has the details.

—– One more agw note: Has the polar bear, the global warming alarmists’ favorite mascot, been replaced? Fellow NC blogger Jimmie at The Sundries Shack is on the case.

—– Bookmark this one: Another fellow NC blogger William Teach wrote a hilarious, spot-on post last month titled, “The 8 Stages Of Liberal/Progressive Discussion When They Are Busted” and noted in a post today that Barack Obama was engaging in #6, which is to “[w]hine about the discussion of the topic, proclaiming that it means nothing, and why aren’t we talking about X? This is usually the point where Liberals/progressives truly understand how bad the issue really is for them, typically when even the NY Times cannot ignore it….” :))

—– And yet another one of my fellow NC bloggers (they’re always on a roll), Bob Owens, takes on a Media Matters scribe who posted a bogus attack on me and a few other “warbloggers” regarding the release of the AP’s terrorist-friendly “photojournalist” Bilal Hussein under Iraq’s new amnesty law. Supposedly, his release meant our claims about Hussein Bob keeps it short, sweet, and too the point. Thanks, amigo :)

—– ST reader Karl at Leaning Straight Up catches The View’s Whoopi Goldberg hitting the trifecta by “using the race card, the gender card and the ageist card all in one show.”

—– Ending this post on a positive note: McQ reminds us of the 32 year anniversary of what some have called “the greatest play in baseball.” Thank you, Rick Monday.

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