Name the punishment

I swear, I do not – nor do I ever – want to understand what in the hell would possess a human being to treat a puppy the way this vicious b*stard did his:

BESSEMER CITY –A man has been charged with animal cruelty for allegedly stomping a tiny puppy to death because it wasn’t house trained.

Police say a Bessemer City man confessed to killing the chihuahua mix because he was sick of the dog. He allegedly confessed while on his way to jail.

Sherry Thomas said her daughter ran to her house describing what her boyfriend had done to their new puppy.

“My daughter says she heard quite a few bangs, she didn’t know what it was til she went out and she saw blood coming out of its mouth,” Thomas said.

She says Timothy Loftis hated Tequila, the tiny chihauhua mix puppy that belonged to his girlfriend and 19-month old daughter.

Thomas said Loftis first hurt the puppy.

“(I) actually seen him toss it off the front porch, so it limped for a good three or four days,” Thomas said.

But she says she never thought he’d kill the dog.

Shirley Williams is Thomas’ other daughter and tried to save the puppy.

“Its mouth was cracked. It was thrown a couple of times and then smushed with something he stomped on it,” Williams said.

Police say Loftis confessed to “Killing the son of a …” because he was annoyed the puppy wasn’t house-trained, according to police reports. Loftis said he “just got tired of it, and stomped the damn thing.”

Williams said, “He was like well it shouldn’t have been crappin’ and peeing all over the place.”

Hopefully while he’s in prison he’ll be “crapped and peed on” enough times that he’ll regret ever touching that puppy.

And Sherry Thomas and her daughter should be charged with being an accessary to cruelty to an animal for not reporting the abuse when she first saw it.

Here’s the video report from Charlotte TV station WCNC.

RIP in doggie heaven, little Tequila.

(Photo via WCNC)

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