Weekend open thread – and announcement

Whew! What a day. Or week, for that matter.

Since the start of this blog, I have tried to keep both my posts and the comments section relatively clean, without coming across as the dirty word patrol. But in the coming weeks and months, as the battle lines are drawn, expect yours truly to be a lot more fired up, and don’t be surprised at the occasional use of language I wouldn’t normally use (the edited versions, of course). I’m not saying it will happen often, but it will more so now than it used to, because this whole Obama vs. Bush and McCain on the appeasement issue has lit a fire in me (and a lot of others, I’d bet) over this election even more so than any other issue in recent memory, and I am driven now more than ever. (1)

I truly believe like many other of my fellow conservatives that the global war on terror is the most important issue of our time, and if Barack Obama and many of his automaton-like supporters want to make the debate over direct, unconditional meetings – head of state with head of state – with the world’s most notorious despots as a way of resolving serious conflicts the focal point for the next six months, I more than welcome it. In fact, I encourage and welcome the debate, because it’s one today’s left – the McGovern left, if you will – is so far off the map on, so totally wrong on, that it begs exhaustive debate and discussion, and just the facts, please.

Even if McCain goes down in the fall losing on this issue, the principles he’s standing by on it are worth fighting for. McCain has said in the past he’d rather lose the election than lose the Iraq war. Barack Obama’s priority, on the other hand, is not winning in Iraq, but winning the election. The contrasts could not be more stark.

1. No worries – in spite of that I assure you the blog won’t become a foul-mouthed free-for-all. My standards of decorum will still be maintained :D

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