Citizens Against Government Waste releases their 2008 "pig book"


Wanna find out what your Senator or House Rep has been up to when it comes to pork barrel spending? Look no further than right here.

CBS’ Early News did a report on it this morning:

How did McCain, Obama, and Hillary do?

“There is no competitive bidding,” [Leslie – VP of CAGW] Paige said. “There is no accountability. So this is money that is secretive and unaccountable. That is not a way to spend taxpayer dollars. In fact, it is an invitation to corruption.”

Enough members of Congress agree with that thought that there’s been a push to stop all earmarks. At least temporarily.

Both Democratic presidential candidates, Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, voted for the moratorium, but it hasn’t gotten enough support to pass.

Does that mean Obama and Clinton aren’t big earmarkers?

While they both say they want a moratorium, both have a healthy load of earmarks going this year – nearly $300 million worth for Clinton and nearly $100 million for Obama.

Sen. John McCain, the Republican candidate for president, simply doesn’t do earmarks.

The entire book can be found and read here.

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