Heartwarming and heartbreaking

Heartwarming: The Associated Press reports on the wonderful news of a Chinese woman who had been trapped for 50 hours in earthquake rubble last month just gave birth this week to a bouncing healthy baby girl. It wasn’t a premature baby, either – in fact, the mom was 8 months pregnant when she was trapped underneath that rubble. It’s a miracle the baby was born with no health issues. By the way, I won’t quote from the AP story directly, considering I don’t know how much they’d charge me for it.

Heartbreaking: A two-year old boy was beaten to death on the side of the road by his 27 year-old “father” Saturday night in Turlock, CA. At least six others, including a volunteer firefighter, witnessed the beating but did not step in to stop the deadly attack (via MM). Some tried to “talk” him out of it, but no one physically intervened. Make sure to read the story in full as it reveals in detail how it wasn’t just the beating that was (obviously) senseless, but how devastatingly senseless the reactions of the passersby were, too.

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