Mamas, please let your babies grow up to be cowboys

Tim McGraw to the rescue:

Tim McGraw helped members of his stage crew eject a fan from his Tuesday night (June 24) concert in Auburn, Wash., after seeing the man assault a woman who was in one of the front rows. A video of the incident surfaced Wednesday at several Internet sites.

McGraw was performing his 1994 hit, “Indian Outlaw,” when he stopped singing and yelled, “Get rid of this guy! Security!” At that point, McGraw knelt down and began pulling the man onstage. Members of his stage crew showed up immediately to assist McGraw.


In a prepared statement, McGraw’s Nashville-based publicist, Jessie Schmidt said, “While Tim was performing at the White River Amphitheater in Auburn, Wash., last night, he watched a man rush to the front of the stage. This overly aggressive fan attacked a female fan, and Tim witnessed this incident. Tim called for security, but when they could not respond quick enough, Tim and several crew members removed the fan from the audience where he was then turned over to the local authorities.”

Here’s the video. Note how once security (and McGraw) got the jerk pulled on stage, the guy tried to get aggressive with McGraw. The country singer then raised his fist in return:

Sigh. Tip o’ the hat to you, sir. <):)

For any woman out there who has ever thought that perhaps chivalry was dead (for the record, I’m not one of them) thanks in part to the emergence of the “metrosexual male,” let this video stand as one of many current-day testaments to the contrary.

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