What the hell is going on?

?—– North Korea’s destroyed it’s main cooling tower as part of it’s effort to show the world it’s committment to being open about it’s nuclear ambitions/stockpiles. Even the NYT in a roundabout way is acknowledging the breakthrough and giving the Bush admin credit.

“Trust but verify” is the rule of the day as it relates to this latest development with North Korea, but hey, it’s a start … and Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter would never admit it but I bet they’re positively seething at the fact that North Korea’s doing more towards being open and accountable thanks to Bush’s policies towards the country than they ever did under the Bubba admin. Can you say “schweeet”? :D

—– Gerard Baker reminds everyone that we’re winning in Afghanistan, and that the surge is working in Iraq. Our men and women in uniform, in concert with our allies, are getting the job done. And hey, is Sadr’s army falling apart?

—– Furthermore: The number of terrorist attacks on our soil since the post-9/11 policies have been put in place? ZERO. That doesn’t mean one won’t happen, just that it hasn’t since Bush has put in place policies like the much-hated Patriot Act and strengthened existing FISA laws, much to the consternation and irritation of The Usual Suspectsâ„¢. Terrorists and terror cells in this country are being apprehended and dealt with thanks in no small part to these laws.

All this is pretty damn impressive for someone most of the far left have called a bumbling idiot (to be charitable) since the day he “stole” the presidency …

“Bush sucks!!!” they chant in zombie-like fashion.

Um, really?

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