Weekend open thread

One of my sisters had a bday earlier this week and today she, me, mom and my other sister are getting together for our 4 times a year girls day out :) I’ll probably end up taking the whole day off from blogging unless something hot pops up in the news, because I need at least a day off the comp. to relax and breathe. The 8-5 has been crazy busy, which is good considering the economy and the uneven ground it seems to be on right now – so I’m not complaining about that because work=job security, but I do wish I had more time in the day to blog. Sometimes I come home at night and I’m just beat, but this is my real passion so I do what I can in the evenings to make up for what I sometimes can’t do during the day. It’s a labor o’ love, for sure …

For the foreseeable future there may be days and/or nights here or there during the week where I post more links than anything else, just to get the discussion started, and will pick up on the discussion later, time permitting. Wish I could do more but until (if ever) I make enough off of this blog and my other writings to live off of (hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?), there will be days like that. There is only one me (to the eternal delight of the political opposition, no doubt ;) ) and not enough time in the day to get it all done … sigh. Thank you to all who continue to visit, read, contribute, and email even though the blogging can be sporadic sometime. In spite of the sometimes light blogging, the readership continues to grow, and I am very appreciative of that as well.

Anyway, likely no blogging today and light blogging Sunday. Hope everyone has a beautiful weekend.

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