Rep. Murtha steps in it again

First, there was the without-merit accusation that “… it looks like it’s the policy of our troops to do something like this” he made in response to the allegations that several Marines deliberately shot and killed 24 innocent civilians in Haditha in November 2005. This is a position he hasn’t backed down on, even though the charges against all seven of the eight Marines charged have been dismissed (Marine Staff Sgt. Frank Wuterich is expected to be court martialed in the fall).

Now, Murtha is at it again, this time in a recent interview with KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh. The article, I should note, doesn’t include the full quote (strangely enough) but Gateway Pundit has the video and transcript of the full interview, which includes the disparaging comment he made about our troops in context of being asked about whether or not the surge was working:

Murtha: I think the short term it has reduced incidents. I’m not sure if it’s because the Iraqis are just worn out but certainly the way they are doing it today it makes a big difference. It used to be we broke down doors. We went in and we killed people inadvertantly. Now they’re much more careful about it.

Here’s the video – he makes the comment within the first couple of minutes of the segment:


Wanna help try and drum Murtha out of office this fall? His Republican challenger is Lt. Col. Bill Russell, and he could use your help.

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