Monday open thread

Hi all – I’m feeling better today but will still be going to my primary care physician this afternoon for a more thorough exam and diagnosis.  I’m at the 8-5 now buried under.  Not sure when/if I’ll be back today.  In fact, the next couple of days could be light for me here at the blog.  Sorry – just got a lot going on.

Please bear with me and I’ll be back when I can to catch up on what’s going on in the news.  In the meantime, ya’ll man the fort for me, ok?  :)

Evening update – 8:20 PM: Just got caught up on some 8-5 work I carried home with me today (since I had to leave early for my appt).  Getting ready to eat some din din and get caught up with a couple o’ posts. 

The appt. went ok – my dr. confirmed it was not a kidney stone, but is going to have an ultrasound on another area to check the size of a cyst that was seen in the CT scan (which was likely the cause of my irritation over the weekend) to see exactly what it consists of and what (if anything) should be done about it.  I asked if the type of cyst in question (it’s the size of a plump grape) is one that she’s ever heard was cancerous and she said she had never heard of a case, and even though she was sure one existed somewhere, she assured me it was very very rare.  So – the ultrasound is next week and I will have a follow up appt on the ultrasound the following week.

Between my dad, my older sister, and me, it seems like health woes are taking over the family these days.  Luckily we have each other and a supportive circle of friends, and a lot of prayers going out out there, which always helps.  I try not to complain too much – considering what others go through, mine at this point are very minor in comparison.

Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes.  Back in a little bit.

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