Tuesday open thread

Just realized I hadn’t started one of these since last Thursday.  Have at it, ya’ll :)

I’ll be back in a few hours.  My ultrasound is later this afternoon, and I’m currently parched because I can’t drink (nor eat, for that matter) anything until after the appt.  Grrr!

Update – 8:35 PM: Re: the ultrasound, I didn’t have a great visit today.  The radiologist who took did ultrasound said she things that the cyst is on the inside of the organ, not the outside as I had hoped it was, and it looks about the size of a Cadbury egg.  This may make surgery go from simply removing the cyst to removing the organ itself :( .  I have a follow up visit next Friday to talk to my dr., where she will give me the official low down on the ultrasound (I’m especially anxious to know if the radiologist was right in where the cyst is located) and what my options are.

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