Sunday afternoon funny: Man shoots lawn mower, arrested

Via the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

A 57-year-old south side man, who might have been struggling with a hangover, was charged Friday with shooting his lawn mower with a sawed-off shotgun.

“I’ll tell you the truth” a criminal complaint quotes an apparently inebriated Keith Walendowski. “I got pissed because my lawn mower wouldn’t start, so I got my shotgun and shot it.

“I can do that. It’s my lawn mower and my yard, so I can shoot it if I want” Walendowski told police.

Ignorance of the law, however, is not a legal defense.

Walendowski is charged with a felony count of possessing a short-barreled shotgun and a misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct while armed. If convicted of both charges, he faces up to six years and nine months in prison.

He better feel relieved that it was only a Lawn Boy.  Had it been a John Deere, he could have been charged with 1st degree mowder …

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