Tues/Weds Open Thread

A friend of mine and I were having a discussion earlier tonight about what we thought were the most annoying commercials in recent memory. The first one that came into my mind was the awful “Viva Viagra” commercials, like this one:

And then there are the other ED commercials that show older couples outside overlooking a beautiful sunset while each sitting in their own personal bathtub, holding hands and glasses of wine. WTH? How many people do you know have bathtubs in their backyards? I guess it’s better than a quick screenshot of them busting open the door of their bedroom and slamming it shut. LOL.

And don’t get me started on all the awful “feminine products” commercials. Argh! No matter how old a woman gets, it’s still embarassing to be sitting next to her s/o when those commericals come on.

On the other hand, there are some commercials out there I enjoy. Some of the original GEICO ads with the cavemen in it were cute, and then there is this Fed Ex commercial, which I can identify with so well:

This Budweiser commerical from this year’s Super Bowl was absolutely adorable:

How about ya’ll? Any commercials out there that you enjoy? Or can absolutely do without? Some of us out there don’t have TiVo, so we have to endure! :-<

Oh – by the way, I guess I should say “Happy Birthday, Bill Clinton.” He was born on this date in 1946.

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