The two Obamas

In 2004, twice failed candidate for president John Edwards made famous (or infamous?) the phrase “Two Americas” and when he said it, he was essentially talking about the haves versus the have-nots in classic liberal class warfare style.

Last night, we got the Obama who left out several important, intriguing facts about his record and his associations – essentially, a reinvention of sorts as to who he supposedly is. Last night we also got more than a glimpse of the candidate who has made change his “calling card” either repeatedly distort or outright lie not only about himself, but about McCain as well. Ramesh Ponnuru and Ed Morrissey pretty much sum up my thoughts on the speech.

Barry Oh! will get glowing reviews on his speech today because, well, he’s Barry Oh! He can always be counted on to make a good speech. But on the honesty and forthright front, Obama’s proved what we’ve known about him for a long time. To use the words he used against McCain last night, when it comes to being sincere and upfront with the American people, Barack Obama simply “doesn’t get it.”