Hosting transfer finished

… I think :D

There were a few comments (perhaps three?) this afternoon that were posted while the transfer was in progress that are gone now. Sorry about that. (Update: They disappeared because the posts they were responding to disappeared, too. Duh! Can you say “brain fry”? I’ve reposted the 2 original posts that went missing (thanks to Newsgator, where the posts still existed – and to GWR for letting me know!).

Hopefully now that this change has been made the site will load quicker at peak times and won’t be inaccessible so often (as it had gotten lately), as I have a lot more bandwidth and disk space now.

Up next in the (hopefully near) future? A new blog design – a kind donation from you to the tip jar on the left side column would go towards helping make that a reality :)

Thanks again to everyone for their patience. As always, if you experience any access/functionality issues with the site, please email me at:


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