TN State Democrat rep’s son responsible for hacking Gov. Palin’s personal email?

Oh my oh my oh my.

If it ends up that this story is accurate and State Rep. Mike Kernell’s (D) son is responsible, will Barack Obama’s campaign finally issue a statement denouncing what happened? Heck, they should have done it already but I guess they’re too busy salivating over the possiblity that there’s something remotely incriminating in her private email to GAD. l-)

BTW, did you know that the Associated Press refused to cooperate with the Secret Service when asked to hand over the copies of the emails they rec’d? MM has the details, including the response one of her readers rec’d from the AP when they contacted them about it.

Anyone out there still wondering why people believe the MSM are in the tank for BO shouldn’t be wondering anymore, not after this (wishful thinking, I know …).

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