How Democrats helped enable the current economic crisis, continued

More evidence, in addition to what’s already been documented, about how Democrats enabled lenders like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to get us into the economic crisis we see today.

The video is from a 2004 House hearing on questionable FM/FM lending practices that regulators had brought to light. Note the hostility of many of the Democrats in the room to the regulator, with one of them even implying racism behind the report. The video will at times make you gasp, when you contrast what was said at that hearing versus what’s happening right now:

Make sure to send this video, via the “email this post” link at the bottom of this post, to friends and family. They need to hear the real story. The people who are now being painted as heros and saviors of our economy by the mainstream press are some of the same people who refused to see the light on this issue when Republicans repeatedly tried to bring it to their attention. Can you imagine the devastating effect this video would have on the Dem party if it were aired in the form of a documentary on one of the major news networks – especially ABC, CBS, or NBC, channels that are available even on basic cable? I hope a 527 gets a hold of this information, and runs with it.

Let the truth be heard.

Hat tip to AllahPundit, who has the latest on the negotiations on the bailout bill.

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