Morning links and open thread

Got a busy day ahead but wanted to post a few quick links and combine them with an open thread so you can talk amongst yourselves until I return.

—- Michelle Malkin’s got more info on even more voter fraud going on in Ohio: Houseful of out-of-state Obama activists registered as Ohio voters, received absentee ballots.

—– Ed Morrissey links up to a piece Peter Wallison wrote for the WSJ that talks about how Obama essentially voted “present” on the issue of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Wallison makes a point I made in an earlier post about how Obama’s claim to fame on “doing something” about this issue consisted of “writing a letter” to the Treasury Secretary saying that action needed to be taken on the subprime loan issue, a claim to fame that would be considered laughable during normal times but not so much so during the era of Obamania. Wallison correctly points out that as a Senator, Obama had the power to try and enact legislation to tackle the issue … but didn’t.

—– Are “negative attacks” hurting John McCain? I think a better poll question to ask voters is: Do you think you will learn the full truth about a candidate’s record only by listening to what he or she says about it?

—– Howie Kurtz’s most recent column in the WaPo has a headline that reads: “National Review Boots Buckley Son For Obama Boost.” You have to actually read the article to know that he wasn’t “booted” – he resigned. Get with it, headline writers.

—– Some of Hillary Clinton’s supporters are helping to raise money for … McCain-Palin.

Back later …

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