Friday open thread

I always look forward to Fridays but today I’m especially glad it’s here. It’s been a crazy week.

I’ll be back later this afternoon. Got a couple of stories to tell you about two different Obama supporter “road rage” incidents that have happened to me over the last two weeks, provoked apparently by the fact that I have an anti-Obama sticker on my bumper. The first incident I wrote off, but it’s happened again – this morning, in fact. I’m still very mad about it and if I write about it in detail right now I’ll use language I normally find inappropriate in any setting. Need to calm down first.

Quick note: MM’s following the story of the alleged political attack on a College Republican volunteer earlier this week in PA, and notes that the woman’s story deserves a healthy amount of skepticism, considering the facts we know so far. Let me know your thoughts about this in the comments section.

Back later.

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