The NYT versus Charlie Rangel

Things are heating up between Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) and the NYT. The NYT has done some surprisingly good reporting on Rangel’s penchant for quid pro quo. Rangel responded to a recent article by writing a letter to the editor trying to debunk what reporter David Kocieniewski. Here’s what Rangel wrote – but it gets really interesting as the NYT included Kocieniewski’s response to Rangel’s letter on the same page.

Now, if the NYT had devoted this much time to investigating Barack Obama’s background, we might just be looking at President McCain right now … or Clinton, depending on whether or not they would have started their investigations early on in Obama’s candidacy.

Anyway, a rare tip of the hat to the NYT for a job well done on this one.

Update – 9:57 PM: More trouble for Rangel, via The Politico: Rangel son got campaign cash

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