“Journalist” who supports Sunni Arab insurgency against the US and al-Maliki gov’t throws shoes at Bush

… and of course the left absolutely goes wild with glee. Here’s the video:

Notable among the far lefties celebrating is the HuffPo blog, which has a slideshow but a slow-mo video as well so you can get a frame by frame shot, but also BDS sufferer Andrew Sullivan. In a post titled “Contempt”, he writes:

An Iraqi journalist expresses the sentiment of many Iraqis:


Five years ago, the shoes were directed toward statues and images of Saddam. And so “Iraq” moves forward …

Note how he legitimizes the opinion of the “journalist” by suggesting that how he feels is how “many Iraqis” feel towards President Bush. Not only that, but I know it’s not lost on anyone reading this how he compares Bush to Saddam Hussein as if they were remotely similar. Presumably he’s also ok with the fact that WH Press Sec. Dana Perrino suffered a bruised eye as the result of the incident.

Insane BDS rages on.

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