Israel defends itself against repeated aggression by Hamas …

… and the predominant theme amongst many popular lefty bloggers to Israel’s response to the attacks that have been taking place against them for weeks, courtesy of Jimmy Carter’s favorite terrorist group Hamas? The American Power blog has a rundown of their reax (more can be read here), which should remind you somewhat of how the United Nations both views and treats Israel.

For the life of me, I will never understand how any American Jew can support liberal Democrats.

PEBO and Co. are in ‘close contact’ with Sec. of State Condi Rice over the issue, but have as of yet have not taken a position on the conflict, presumably because they feel that America only has “one president at a time” (not that that’s stopped him/them from weighing in on other issues before).

Atlas Shrugs is tracking the latest developments. Just keep scrolling.

Stay tuned …


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