Who’da thought we’d be preparing to inaugurate the next Abe Lincoln?

I mean, seriously – had I known that, I might have just pulled the lever for the guy myself!

If we wiggle our noses and click our shoes together several times fast, we might even get a new American flag complete with ABEama’s face on it, a presidential campaign that will continue on well after The One is sworn into office (video from PEBO on his “Organizing for America” campaign can be viewed here)…

Seriously, anyone else feeling a little surreal this weekend watching all this? The fact that his supporters – not to mention the mainstream media (but I repeat myself) – act like the fact that Obama is essentially pretending he’s Abraham Lincoln is no big deal?

James Joyner provides a rare voice of reason in DC:

So, why in blazes is he pretending that this is 1860 and he’s arriving in DC for the first time from his home state?

We’re quite literally shutting down DC next Tuesday for him. All day. In fact, roads are already closing in anticipation of his inaugural. There are concerts going on this weekend. He’ll be sworn in at noon Tuesday, have a parade that lasts almost until dark, and have fancy ball after fancy ball going into the wee hours of the night. How much adulation does this guy need?

It’s only just begun.

The next four years are gonna be long ones.

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