Ridiculous “Obama/Lincoln” comparisons continue

Good freaking grief. And you thought “boxers or briefs?” was bad! Betsy Newmark hits the nail on the head:

Perhaps once he takes office and actually starts taking action, it might be time to compare Barack Obama to past great presidents. Now it’s just a silly journalistic game that Obama encourages with his deliberate symbolic echoes of Abraham Lincoln such as his train entry into Washington or his use of Lincoln’s Bible.

Yep – and let’s not forget where he launched his bid for the presidency back in February 2007.

In related news, CNN reports that PEBO was “serenaded” (that was their original headline anyway – it’s changed now) last night by a whole host of Obama-supporting Hollyweirdos at the National Mall in DC during the “We Are One” lovefest.

Question: How many of you will watch the inauguration tomorrow? I’m leaning towards not watching it. Not because I can’t appreciate a presidential inauguration in and of itself, and not because I don’t appreciate the historical significance of this particular inauguration. And no, far lefties, it has nothing to do with “jealousy.” But I’m seriously disgusted and disappointed with how Obama has treated the inaugural process with inviting the comparisons to Lincoln, as Betsy suggested above, which is just a another example of how he always paints himself as someone else and disrespects the office of the presidency in the process.

When he went on his Euro/Middle East tour back in the summer is one such example of the type of disrespect I’m talking about. I pondered last night the reasons why he might do things like this and came to the conclusion that when you don’t have much experience to draw on yourself – and we all know how little experience PEBO brings to the office of the presidency, you cover for it by using extreme amounts of symbolism and imagery to paint a portrait that betrays the truth about who you are and what you’ve done.

This is a dream realized for many, and I can respect that, but that doesn’t mean I have to welcome the spectacle that is Barack Obama with open arms and a closed mouth. I won’t be silent about how I feel, nor will I sugarcoat it. Our President-elect is a man, not a messiah, and thus should be treated accordingly.

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