Obama lectures GOP again

First, it was the one-sided “don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh” comments, now this:

President Obama said Tuesday he understands the concerns of House Republicans but the massive economic recovery package he has proposed is aimed at getting the country out of the ditch it’s in and on the right track.

Speaking to reporters on Capitol Hill after meeting with the House GOP caucus, Obama said he is “absolutely confident” that compromises can be reached, “but the key right now is to make sure we keep politics to a minimum.”

“There is some legitimate philosophical differences with parts of my plans that the Republicans have, and I respect that. In some cases, they just may not be as familiar with what is in the package as I would like. I don’t expect 100 percent agreement but I do hope that we can all put politics aside and do the American people’s business right now,” he said.

This is so typical, isn’t it? Just like with the Rush crack, this is aimed at having any legit criticism coming from the right labelled as doing nothing more than “playing political games.” What is Obama talking about here? GOP opposition to giving $$$ to ACORN? The GOP’s objections to the “family planning” $$? Will John Boehner’s call for the GOP to reject Obama’s stimulus plan be characterized as “playing politics”?

In fact, are all skeptics just “playing politics”?

Memo to President Obama: Perhaps GOP’ers would feel like you were being sincere in your request had you included your own party in your “leave politics at the door” mini-speech. Yeah, let’s all roll our sleeves up and have a serious debate on this issue, but please don’t pretend like your party is as pure as the driven snow when it comes to escalating the rhetoric. Yourself included.

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