On the funding for the expansion of SCHIP and “irrational” criticism of Obama

President Obama’s expansion of SCHIP was signed into law with much fanfare earlier this week, but little known to the casual news follower, in order for this expansion to work at its “best,” it will have to be funded, in part, by smokers who will see taxes on tobacco increase by 155%. So much for the “war on smoking,” eh? We’ll “save the children” at the expense of everyone else. No bigs.

Lorie Byrd has a post up about this that talks about the issue in terms of how it will essentially mean a tax hike on the poor, and quotes a psychiatrist who tries to explain “irrational” Obama criticism:

Psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Feldman:
“The irrational lashing out at President Obama since his inauguration is best explained as a manifestation of frustration felt by supporters of George Bush and his administration. Followers were strongly discouraged (both literally and subconsciously) from expressing any criticism of Mr. Bush, his policies, and actions for fear of being labelled insufficiently unpatriotic or not being a team player. The floodgates were opened when Mr. Obama took office.”

3 weeks into Barry Oh!’s administration, and everything is still Bush’s fault. Imagine that!

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