VIDEO: Lindsey Graham slams Obama, Democrats on stimulus bill

Say what you want about Senator Lindsey Graham. Though he’s irritated most of us more often than not, the stimulus bill is one area where most of us can agree with him wholeheartedly. Here he is on Shep Smith’s Studio B show on Fox earlier this afternoon, going off on Obama and the Democrats in the House and Senate who have larded up this bill with billions in spending that won’t create a single job:

This is in addition to the blistering criticism he had for Obama just a few days ago in which he called the President’s leadership on the stimulus bill “AWOL.”

Fox News has posted a “Find the Bacon” page, encouraging readers to sift through the House and Senate versions of the stimulus bill to, well, find the bacon. Email what you find to this address: and they may publish your response at a later date.

Update – 10:23 PM: The video is working fine in Firefox but I’m having problems viewing it in IE. It’s Fox News issue, not one with the blog … hopefully it will be resolved shortly.

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