State Department follies

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry:

GENEVA—Secretary of State Hillary Clinton opened her first extended talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov by giving him a present meant to symbolize the Obama administration’s vow to “press the reset button” on U.S.-Russia relations.

She handed a palm-sized box wrapped with a bow. Lavrov opened it and pulled out the gift: a red button on a black base with a Russian word peregruzka printed on top.

“We worked hard to get the right Russian word. Do you think we got it?” Clinton asked.

“You got it wrong,” Lavrov said.

Instead of “reset,” Lavrov said the word on the box meant “overcharge.”

Hey, what’s she doing giving President Obama’s button to another country’s head of state? That button is supposed to be reserved for everytime Obama decides to “help” the American people with more entitlement programs, tax hikes, and pork. He just hits the “overcharge” button and the Democrats in Congress jump up like Santa’s elves to do his bidding.

The reaction to the “overcharge” gaffe?

Clinton and Lavrov laughed.

“We won’t let you do that to us,” she said.

Ed Morrissey quips:

Yeah, I’m sure Lavrov laughed. Later, he probably told his deputy, “Tell the crypto guys they can take it easy.”

Here’s the video:

Tommy Christopher helpfully points out:

Anyone who remembers a time from the Reagan era on back would know that the last thing you want to give Russia is “the button,” no matter what’s written on it. Why not just give Vietnam a “tripwire of friendship?”

’nuff said.

I'll have what she's having.
I'll have what she's having.

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