The fingerpointing begins

Chris Dodd: I was against the AIG bonuses but Treasury forced me (right!) to insert the bonus loophole into the stimulus package no one had time to read.

The rant of the day goes to Shep Smith, who absolutely unloaded on the sanctimonious hypocrites in Congress who are outraged now for something they themselves let happen (via Hot Air):

Meanwhile, Barney Frank continues to demonstrate what an a**hole he is by asking for the names of the AIG employees who are not returning their bonuses, and saying he can’t guarantee confidentiality, in spite of death threats against AIG employees.

When will this man be held to account? Will he ever be? Why the hell is is that most of the Democrats whose hands were all over our economic meltdown are still in DC while most of the Republicans who tried to do something about it were defeated last year?!

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