Some states pushing back on executive order on embryonic stem cell research

Via Fox News:

President Obama’s executive order to lift restrictions on embryonic stem cell research is coming up against legislative blockades in states around the country.

Legislators in Georgia and Oklahoma are considering bills that would limit, if not outright prohibit, scientists from working with human embryonic stem cells in their research to cure or reverse medical conditions, including diabetes, paralysis and Parkinson’s disease. In Texas and Mississippi, lawmakers are considering blocking state funding for that research, mirroring existing laws in other states.

“I just think it’s immoral to create life and destroy it in the name of science,” said Georgia State Sen. Ralph Hudgens. “In Nazi Germany they did experiments with human beings. I don’t want to see that done here.”

Were the bills to pass, they could face legal challenges, said John Robertson, a law and bioethics professor at the University of Texas School of Law.

“It’s unclear at this point. It will really depend on how the statutes are written,” he said. “The courts have struck these laws down in some cases in terms of vagueness.”

For more on what the individual states mentioned in the article are doing on the embryonic stem cell research front, visit the following links: Georgia, Oklahoma, Texas, Mississippi.

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