Calling it right – way ahead of time

Andy McCarthy pegged Barack Obama correctly before he got elected, on the issue of how a potential Obama administration would treat political dissent from the opposition. Read this post, and then compare it with what you read earlier today about that DHS document on “extremist right wing groups” and you’ll see that McCarthy was way ahead of his time.

Considering Obama’s history during the campaign of attempts at legally silencing the opposition, this is something many of us predicted would happen in some way, shape, or fashion. McCarthy just happened to be more detailed than most. What few of us knew, however, was how soon it would happen.

Far lefties are getting a huge thrill out of this, of course, but let’s not forget how they repeatedly foamed at the mouth over a similar Bush-era DHS policy as it related to ultra-left wing groups, except in those instances the DHS was very specific in the types of groups it felt posed significant threats to not just the President, but to the security of the general public (and in fairness they didn’t get it 100% right). Today’s DHS document was quite different in that it seemed deliberate in its vagueness, essentially classifying those who favor more state than federal control as “right wing extremists” and portraying those who are strongly anti-illegal immigration in a similar fashion. It’s one thing for the DHS to write about its concerns about the few on the extreme fringe right who have the potential to be violent and destructive, but its another altogether to characterize legitimate opposition as somehow threatening. The liberals hailing this document don’t seem to get that, and neither, apparently does President Obama’s DHS.

The far left found specifics intolerable under the Bush administration as it related to some of their fringe kooks and how they were viewed/monitored by the DHS, but apparently find vague, baseless generalizations about their political opposition stashed in the current DHS document entirely appropriate – and necessary.

How surprising. 8-|

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