Attempts at delegitimizing the Tea Party movement have failed

It’s been comical the last couple of months to watch the far left attempt to delegitimize the Tea Party movement by suggesting it was “organized and coordinated” by big name right wingers and right wing groups, an implication that the movement is not “grassroots” and therefore “not real.” Of course, they’re doing so today – perhaps they’re feeling left out? – and in the process trying to paint the movement as a “closet” racist movement because a few kooks in crowds of thousands in certain cities made a$$es out of themselves (in contrast to the regularity in which left wing kooks pretty much control anti-war/military/US protests).

First things first: The facts on the origins of the movement speak for themselves. There may be big name sponsors of the parties now, but that no more detracts from the movement itself than the fact that big name anti-war groups have sponsored and/or organized massive anti-war protests nationwide over the last several years (examples).

Second, the pictures don’t lie. Malkin’s got several here from around the country (including a video). Here’s a write-up in today’s online edition of the Observer on the Tea Party held here in Charlotte, where our liberal paper estimates at least 2,000 were in attendance. Here are photos and video of the Naples, FL Tea Party. A sizeable number of people in this country are fed up with escalating taxes and a growing nanny-state government, and they’re making their voices heard. That is grassroots, I don’t care how you slice it.

Oops – I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to interupt the left’s meaningless rants with a cold dose of reality. My bad.

Carry on.

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