Nationwide Tax Day Tea Party

Today’s the day! It’s Nationwide Tax Day Tea Party day, and Michelle Malkin’s going to be in the thick of things all day. Make sure you check in at her blog often for updates on the goings on all across the country, including pix, video, etc. And don’t forget the official site for the Tax Day Tea Party, which will have updates all day as well. You can also visit that site to see if a Party will be held in your area, for those who decide at the last minute that they’d like to attend. Fellow North Carolinians, click here to find out where Tea Parties are being held in NC.

So – party safe and party on, you “right wing extremists“! And make sure to take lots of pix, and email a few of them to yours truly :D

Related: Glenn Reynolds writes about how tax day has become protest day (via Memeo).

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