Thurs Open Thread

As expected, I’m swamped again today. Will check in later when I can.

The Hot Headlines section has just been updated with a few fresh links. Memeorandum, as always, has links to the hot stories of the day and links to the blogger commentary on them. Also, for your morning entertainment, here are a couple of loves notes left for me in the comment moderation queue last night over the post I wrote defending Rep. Virginia Foxx (language warning):

:-w. I think you a basically a bag of shit. Hopefully you will be and Virginia will be a victim of a hate crime so you will truly understand. Once people start hate criming ignorant pigs, look out!

Tanja – 4/30/09


I hope you get raped and left in a ditch to die so your family can see someone make callous remarks about your death!

And no this isn’t a threat. I don’t have sex with morons.

“Bob” – 4/30/09

The “Fanmail” section has been updated :) Sane comments disagreeing with my position have been posted in the Foxx thread. Thanks to the (few) opponents of my argument who have taken the high road.

TGIAF (Almost Friday)!

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