Far left icon Keith Olbermann hams it up with hate-filled gay columnist on Miss California

Watch the below video of Keith Olbermman and Michael Musto, a gay columnist I’ve never heard, of engaging in trash/gutter talk about how Miss California is “stupid” and supposedly a “hypocrite” because she opposes gay marriage but supports marriage between a man, and a woman who is “partially made out of plastic” (via Instapundit):

Where’s the standard liberal feminist outrage at over this blatantly sexist, trashy rant? All I hear is crickets chirping.

All we heard last year was how most of the major nets were “biased” against women because of the ways some of them talked about Hillary Clinton. Liberal feminists were boiling with rage for months over treatment of her they deemed to be all too representative of American “patriarchy.” Yet Miss California has had the kitchen sink thrown at her from the far left over her opposition to gay marriage, and even though that isn’t all that unusual considering how intolerant they really are of people who disagree with them, the sexist remarks that have come from certain corners – mostly from MSDNC types – you’d think would spur feminists from coast to coast to challenge and ridicule those making the sexist remarks. You don’t have to agree with what a woman says to be able to slam her critics for trashing her based solely on her sex.

But no, we won’t see many – if any – prominent feminists starting letter writing campaigns to MSDNC demanding apologies because most of your prominent feminists despise conservative women and other females who express conservative viewpoints because they view those women as “traitors” to their sex and, essentially, no better than all those evil males out there who want to “keep good women down” (literally and figuratively). To these women, conservative women – or women who express conservative opinions – aren’t really “real” women. That’s the dirty little secret of the feminist movement: They claim to support “equality for all women” when in reality the only women they care about making “equal” are those whose viewpoints line up with their own radical ones.

Same s***, different day.

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