Britain’s “unwanted” list

How very disturbing.

For Britain.

Michael van der Galien nails it:

Fantastic. Labor once again shows its true colors. Its goal is not to protect the British people again violence, it is to protect them against “unwanted ideas.”

Unwanted ideas, of course, are ideas Labor disagrees with.

You have to wonder how long it takes before former President George W. Bush will be declared “least wanted person #17.”

Now don’t get me wrong. [Michael] Savage is an impolite, rude, obnoxious, intolerant man who discriminates against people for their faith and who purposefully tries to insult them. I do not feel any need to defend him personally. In fact, I have little appreciation for what he does.

But that is not what this is about. This is about the freedom of speech, and people’s freedom to listen to whom they please. Savage may not be the most friendly person in the world, but being unfriendly is not a crime.

It surely has become clear in recent years why “1984? was written by a Brit, no?

Another thought: If they’re willing to go through these extremes to keep “unwanted ideas” from getting into their country, what extremes will they go through to stifle “unwanted ideas” that are already there …? :-?

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