Disgusting: Gay Gestapo out to destroy Carrie Prejean

For those wondering, the term “Gay Gestapo” was coined by classical liberal and lesbian blogger Tammy Bruce to describe radical, militant groups of liberal gay people who are completely intolerant of people who disagree with their views on gay issues.

All of you are familiar with the controversy surrounding Miss California, Carrie Prejean, and her declaration during the Miss USA pageant that she was believed marriage should be between a man and a woman. The moron who asked her her opinion on gay marriage was celebrity liberal gay blogger Perez Hilton, an icon in the gay community. Prejean believes she lost her chance to be crowned Miss USA and Hilton is saying the same, although it’s impossible to tell whether its true, because you can’t believe a thing that comes out of the mouth of Hilton – and Ms. Prejean, naturally, is going to believe for the rest of her life that it was the reason she didn’twin the contest because of the controversy her answer generated after the fact.

Unfortunately for Prejean, the hits just haven’t stopped coming. Since she gave her answer on gay marriage on a national stage, she’s been targeted for destruction by the Gay Gestapo and their supporters in an effort to destroy her for not giving the “correct” answer on gay marriage. Just today, “compromising” photos of Prejean surfaced on Internet, which Hilton gleefully reports may cost her her Miss California crown due to a potential violation of the contract she signed last year before competing in the state pageant. Show of hands how many of you believe these photos would have mysteriously surfaced had she given the “correct” answer on gay marriage?

I didn’t think so.

Again, as I asked when the disgusting video of Keith Olbermann and popular gay columnist Michael Musto surfaced in which they both engaged in rank “humor” by making fun of Miss Prejean over her breast implants, and made other derogatory statements based on her sex, where’s the outrage from the feminist establishment? Why aren’t feminists – in particular, gender feminists – standing up for this women? Equity feminists such as myself are. The answer? Prejean gave a politically incorrect answer, and for that she must pay.

We might be talking about a beauty contestant here, but none of the people taking potshots at Prejean are beauty pageant judges – and beauty pageants are about more than just beauty anyway, so the cracks made about her looks in the context they’re being made in are totally out of line. The shots taken at this woman are being made on her because of her sex AND because of the fact that she gave an answer on gay marriage that caused the perpetually “outraged” in the gay community to become even more “outraged.” Her answer was a “call to arms” – and from that point forward it was all about making an example out of her, to show other opponents of gay marriage just what will happen if you don’t fall in line and start supporting gay marriage. We saw this after Prop 8 passed in CA, and we’re seeing it again now.

I’ve read elsewhere liberals suggesting that this is “what conservatives get” for their campaigns against the Dixie Chicks. That’s BS. The Dixie Chicks were criticized because they made their comments on foreign soil just days before the US went to war with Iraq. They would have been criticized here too, but not to the extent they were for dissing, on foreign soil, their country at a time when it was preparing to go to war. That is something you just don’t do.

In any event, once again, the evidence continues to pile up for all to see: Far from being “open” to differing viewpoints, certain leftists in this country will say and do whatever it takes to shut those opposing opinions down.

“Tolerant” my a**.

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