Photo of the day: Standing with a President vs. standing with the unborn

It’s a photo that speaks volumes:

Notre Dame Graduates
A University of Notre Dame graduate displays on her mortar board her membership in the ND Response Pro-Life group, bottom right, and another graduate with a Barack Obama campaign emblem on their mortar board, top left, participate in commencement ceremonies in South Bend, Ind., Sunday, May 17, 2009.(AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

In his speech to the Notre Dame graduates, President Obama called for “common ground” on the issue of abortion. But we all know Obama’s extremist position on the issue, as evidenced by his testy responses on the subject of late term abortions last year. So, exactly what “common ground” can be found with someone who doesn’t believe that a “non-viable” infant born alive after an attempted late term abortion should receive medical care – a position he said he took because he believed the law was a “back door” attempt by those who oppose abortion to chip away at Roe v. Wade “protections” – a reason that FactCheck essentially found to be bogus when they examined Obama’s voting record and statements on the issue closely?

If he is truly desiring of having the American people – a slim majority of who now identify themselves as “pro-life” – to find “common ground” on this issue, then he should lead by example and move away from the far left on this issue. Until then, his calls for “common ground” will continue to look like nothing more than “just words.”

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