Hilarious media faux pas of the day

The Sacramento Bee published today an article about the ten most liberal and ten most conservative cities you’ll find in California:

The ground rules: To figure out the most conservative cities, we looked for the places with the lowest percentage of voters registered Democrat; for the most liberal, those with the lowest percentage of Republicans. To keep small numbers from masquerading as big trends, we excluded cities with fewer than 5,000 registered voters.

A few pretty obvious patterns emerge from these lists: The more conservative cities tend to be in Southern California; the more liberal, in the north. The conservative cities tend to be wealthy. Really wealthy. The liberal cities, with a few notable exceptions, (hello, Marin County!) are blue collar and home to a high proportion of minorities. And it’s easier in California to find a city with few Republicans than with few Democrats.

So, without further ado …

Then they provide links to the respective cities. The only problem is, while the liberal link works, as of this writing when you click on the conservative link it takes you to a “page not found” error.

Just what I thought ...
Just what I thought ...

Don’t worry, SacBee – most of us didn’t think there were any conservative cities in CA, anyway ;)


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