Cheney vs. Obama: When a heavyweight takes on a lightweight

Dayum! In the event that you didn’t get a chance to watch Cheney’s national security speech earlier today (and I didn’t), here’s the video of it:

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Read the transcript here.

It was probably one of the best speeches I’ve ever heard him give, and it was a speech that should have been given often in the latter years of the Bush administration as more and more Democrats in Congress forgot what we went through on 9-11.

There are liberals who are whining that it’s “outside of the bounds of protocol” for Cheney to be going head to head with President Obama. I call BS on that. The Obama administration has been steadily beating the drum of harsh criticism against the policies of the Bush administration – especially as it relates to counterterrorism efforts. The level of criticisms that have been thrown at the Bush admin are – in my view – unprecedented in modern history for an incoming administration. Cheney apparently has felt that he has an obligation to tell the administration’s side of the story in an effort to set the record straight, and give Obama’s accusations and “revelations” much-needed context.

I notice these same liberals have no problem with Bill Clinton’s weighing in on Obama’s administration so far – something he’s been asked to do more than once since Obama was inaugurated. Of course, they don’t mind because Bubba has done a 180 on his feelings for Obama and has mostly praised his efforts over the course of the last 100+ days. You see, it’s ok to comment on a former administration as long as it’s praise. If it’s in defense of an administration against accusations from the new administration, it’s unjustified and “wrong.” And, of course, they absolutely hailed to high heaven Gore’s repeated fire-breathing rants against GWB and Cheney while both were still in office. Yes, the smell of hypocrisy here is quite potent.

Thanks, Vice President Cheney. Thanks for defending those whose dedication to this country kept us safe after 9-11. Thanks for making no apologies for the use of EITs against known terrorists who gave up valuable intelligence that stopped terrorist attacks before they happened. And thanks for giving the other side of the story that this administration refuses to give.

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